Jacob - Oranges and Lemons

Gordon Jacob, friends and serpent

Passacaglia on a Well-Known Theme (Oranges and Lemons)
For orchestra

DATE WRITTEN  10 April 1931
FIRST PERFORMANCE  1 January 1932, Glasgow
Conducted by Constant Lambert
FIRST LONDON PERFORMANCE  Promenade Concert, Queen's Hall

From Constant Lambert (conductor)
The Passacaglia went very well I think, though I had only 3 hours in which to rehearse the whole concert. Fortunately it is so well scored that there is nothing much to do except give the leads and see they keep the proper balance.

From the 'Glasgow Herald', January 1932
The Passacaglia is typical of the healthy outlook of our young composers. Mr Jacob has turned this staid and musical form to charming and entertaining uses and it ought to be grateful to have its expressive field so happily enlarged.

Novello, email
Hire from Chester Novello
Stainer & Bell, email
Hire from Stainer & Bell, email
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