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How to Read a Score
Orchestral Technique
The Composer and His Art
The Elements of Orchestration

Across the Border
Across the Sea
Adagio and Allegro for viola and piano
Adagio and Allegro Scherzoso
African American Spirituals
Air and Dance for Viola and Piano
Alas Alack
Alexandra Palace
All Afoot
All People That On Earth Do Dwell
Alla Marcia
All's Well That Ends Well (Incidental Music)
And A Babbled of Green Field
Andante Tranquillo
Animal Magic
Annie Laurie Variations
Apparitions (ballet)
Arrival Fanfare
Ash Grove for unaccompanied voices, for string trio
Aubade for flutes and string orchestra, for flutes and clarinet
Autumn Leaves
Ave Maria
Babe So Sweet
Bagatelles for Oboe
Bagatelles for Tuba
Bailiff's Daughter of Islington, The
Ballad for Band
Barber of Seville Goes to the Devil, The
Barefoot Boy
Bassoon Concerto
Battell, The
Bay of Biscay
Bedtime Song
Bedtime Story
Begone Dull Care for wind ensemble, for four-part voices
Bell Theme Variations
Berceuse for cello
Bird Pieces
Birthday, The; children's cantata
Birthday Card for Leon Goossens
Birthday Card for Oboe
Blossom, The
Blow the Man Down
Bobby Shafto
Bolshevik Dance
Bondage Divine
Bonnie Dundee
Brahms: Piano Music and Lieder:
    Cappriccio in D Minor
    Intermezzo in C
    Waltz for Piano Duet arranged for orchestra
    Zigeuner Lieder (Gypsy Songs)
Brother James' Air
By The River
Cam Ye By?
Canterbury Flourish for Eight Trumpets
Cappriccio in D Minor
Carmina Bellociana
Carnival (ballet)
Celebration Overture
Cello Concerto
Cello Octet
Cello Serenade
Cello Sonata
Ceremonial Music
Chaconne on a Theme of Vaughan Williams
Changing Moods
Charlie is my Darling
Cheerful Birds
Child's Garden of Verse
Choral Waltz
Christmas Play
Christmas Tune
Clarinet Mini-Concerto
Clarinet Quintet
Clarinet Sonata
Clogher Head
Close Quarters (for film)
Close Thine Eyes
Cloths of Heaven, The
Cock is Crowing, The
Come Landlord Fill the Flowing Bowl
Come Lasses and Lads
Come Shepherd Swains
Composer and his Art, The (London, 1955) (book)
Concert Overture
Concert Piece
Concertino for Accordion
Concertino for Clarinet and Orchestra (Tartini arr. Jacob)
Concertino for Piano and Strings
Concertino for Trombone and Wind Orchestra
Concertino for Violin, Cello and Strings
Concerto for Band
Concerto for Bass Trombone: Cameos
Concerto for Bassoon, Percussion and Strings
Concerto for Chromatic Accordion
Concerto for Clarinet and Trumpet
Concerto for Double Bass
Concerto for Flute and Strings No.1
Concerto for Flute and Strings No.2
Concerto for Horn and Strings
Concerto for Military Band
Concerto for Oboe and String Quartet
Concerto for Organ and Strings
Concerto for Piano and Strings No.1
Concertino for Piano and Strings
Concerto for Three Hands on One Piano
Concerto for Timpani and Wind Band
Concerto for Trombone and Orchestra
Concerto for Viola No.1
Concerto for Viola No.2
Concerto for Violin and Strings
Concerto for Violoncello
Concerto in B Flat
Consort of Recorders
Contrabass Concerto
Coppelia (ballet)
Corinna's Lute
Country Tune
Countryman's Life, The
Cow that Spoke, The (ballet)
Cradle Song
Crucifixion (a Spiritual)
Dancing Cabman
Dancing Doll
Danse à la Russe
Darkness Gathers
Dashing Away with the Smoothing Iron
Dear Is My Little Native Valley
Death and Darkness, Get You Packing
Denbigh Suite
Derby Winner
Diversions for Ten Instruments
Divertimento for Cello
Divertimento for Eight Wind
Divertimento for Harmonica and Strings
Divertimento for Small Orchestra
Divertimento in E Flat
Diverting History Of John Gilpin, The
Donald Caird (W. Scott) for Chorus and Orchestra
Dormi Jesu
Double Concerto for Clarinet, Trumpet and Wind Band
Down Among the Deadmen
Down the Road Away Went Polly
Drunken Sailor
Duettino for Treble Recorder and Voice (one performer)
Duo for Soprano and Alto Saxophone
Duo for Clarinet and Bassoon
Early One Morning: alone, as part of Old Wine in New Bottles
Ein Feste Burg
Elegie for Solo Viola
Elegy for Cello and Piano
Elegy for Violin and Piano
Elegy in A Flat for orchestra
The Elements of Orchestration, The (London, 1962) (book)
Elephant's Child
Elizabethan Fancies
Elves Dance
Encore For Michala (Petri), An
English Folksong Suite for band (or orchestra) (Vaughan Williams arr. Jacob)
Entre Nous
Ephesian Matron
Essex Overture
Essex Suite
Esther Waters (Film Score)
Eve of Battle (Film Score)
Evening Mood (Piano)
Ev'ry Time I Feel De Spirit
Fairy, The
Fairy Queen
Family Fancy
Fancy, A
Fanfare and March
Fanfare and National Anthem for Small Orchestra (God Save the Queen)
Fanfare for a Royal Occasion
Fanfare for a Silver Jubilee
Fanfare Pavan and Fughetta
Fanfare to National Anthem, Coronation Fanfare
Fantasia for Euphonium and Concert Band
Fantasia on an English Folk Song
Fantasia on Scottish Tunes
Fantasia on Songs of the British Isles
Fantasia on the Alleluia Hymn
Fantasia on Traditional Tunes
Fantasy for Violin
Fantasy Quartet
Fantasy Sonata
Fear No More
Festal Flourish
Festival Flourish
Festal March for orchestra, arranged for military band
Festival Overture (1941)
Festival Overture (1963)
Fiddle Concerto
Fille de Madame Angot
Filmharmonic Fanfare
Finale Caprice
Five Bagatelles for Brass Quartet
Five Bird Pieces
Five Pieces for Half-Size Violin
Five Pieces for Harmonica and Strings
Five Pieces for Solo Clarinet
Five Pieces in the form of a Suite for Harmonica and Piano
Flag of Stars
Flute Concerto No.1
Flute Concerto No.2
Folly's Song
Foot it Featly
For Those in Peril (Film Score)
For You, O Democracy
Four Bagatelles
Four Fancies for Flute, Violin, Viola and Cello
Four Little Pieces for Piano
Four Little Pieces for Cornet or Trumpet and Piano
Four Little Sketches
Four Old Tunes for String Trio, for woodwind quartet
Four Pieces for Tuba Quartet
Four Seasonal Songs
Four Sketches for Bassoon and Piano
From the Age of Elegance
Fun Fare
Galloping Major, The
Galop joyeux
Gavotte and Musette
Giles Farnaby (for orchestra)
Giles Farnaby Suite (for symphonic band)
Git on Board
Go Down Moses
God Save the Queen
God's Mother
Golden Sumbers for women's voices and piano, for string trio, for woodwind
Goodly Heritage
Goodnight Ladies
Goose March
Grace In All Simplicity
Grand Goodnight for Orchestra
Hampshire Suite, A (Holst, arr. Jacob)
Harlequin in the Street
Harmonica Sonata
Harrowing of Hell
Harvard Celebration Overture
Havant Suite
Hearken Unto Me
Hedge Sparrow
Helen of Kirkconnell
Here a Dance of Clowns
Here's to the Maiden of Bashful Fifteen
Hertford Suite
Homage to Elgar
Horn Concerto
Horses, The
How Sweet the Moonlight
How to Read a Score (London, 1944) (book)
Humpty Dumpty and his False Relations
Hunt is Up, The
Hunting Song
I Know Where I'm Going
I Said to the Lord
I Was Glad (Parry arr. for Orchestra Jacob)
Il Penseroso
I'll Sail Upon the Dog Star
Improvisation on a Scottish Tune
In Linden Time
In Memory of a Hero
In Sad Cypresses
Infant Joy
Interlude for brass
Interludes for Oboe
Intermezzo for Strings
Intermezzo in C
Introduction and Allegro for brass band and trombone
Introduction and Allegro alla Tarantella
Introduction and Allegro for Orchestra
Introduction and Fugue
Introduction and Fugue for Piccolo, Flute and Bass Flute
Introduction and Rondo for Clarinet Choir
Introduction and Valse Gracieuse
Invictus (Piano Sonata)
Ireland Ireland
Jacobean Suite, A
Jean to the Maypole
Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring
Jew in the Bush
Jig for harmonica and strings
Jig for small orchestra
Joan to the Maypole for wind ensemble, arranged for voice
John Gilpin
Jolly Miller
Journey Together (film music)
Joyful Noise, a Rhapsody for Brass Band
Jubilate Deo
Jumping Game
Just So Songs
Kettle-Drum Concerto
Lamb, The for soprano voice and string trio or piano, for soprano voice, clarinet, viola and piano
L'aprés-midi d'un Dinosaur
Lass with the Delicate Air, The
L'Aubade for flutes and string orchestra, for flutes and clarinet
Laudate Dominum
Laughing Song
Les Anes
Les Heures Bourguignonnes
Lily Bright and Shine-A
Lincolnshire Poacher
Little Concerto for Double Bass and Strings
Little Dancer
Little Minuet
Little Suite for Flute, Clarinet and Piano
Little Symphony
Little Trotty Wagtail
Line of Life (Symphonic Study)
London Morning (ballet)
Londonderry Air, The
Lord of Burleigh (ballet)
Love is a Sickness
Love Not Me For Comely Grace
Lullaby for a Chinese Infant
Made in Heaven
Magic Box
Magic in the Garden
Maintenance Command
Mam'zelle Angot
Manege a Vapeur
March to the River Weser
Marcia Alla Burla
Marguerite and Armand (ballet)
Mary and Dorothy
Masque at the Court of Queen Elizabeth
Men of Gotham
Midsummer Night's Dream
Miller and the Maid, The
Miller of Dee, The
Mini Concerto for Clarinet and Strings
Mini Concerto for Orchestra
Miniature scores (standard repertoire, ed. Jacob)
Miniature String Quartet
Miniature Suite
Miscellanies for Alto Saxophone and Wind Band or Piano
Moorside March for military band
Moorside Suite, (Holst, arr. Jacob) for brass band, for orchestra
More Old Wine in New Bottles
Morning Departure (Film Score)
Mother, I Will Have a Husband
Mother o' Mine
Music for a Festival
Music for Brass
Music When Soft Voices Die
Musing by Firelight
My Love is O'er the Sea
National Anthem - God Save the Queen
National Anthem for Small Orchestra (God Save the Queen), with Fanfare
New Forest Suite
New-Born King
News from Newtown
New Violin Family
Nimble Dancer
Nocturne for Viola and Cello
Northumbrian Overture
Nostalgic Singer
Noyse of Minstrels, A, (Round 0)
Nun's Priest's Tale
Nurse's Song
Nymphs and Shepherds
Oak and the Ash, The for wind ensemble, for voice
O Be Joyful in the Lord
O Good Ale
O Lord I Will Praise Thee
O My Dear Heart
O Metaphysical Tobacco
Oboe Concerto No.1
Oboe Concerto No.2
Oboe Quartet
Oboe Sonata
Of All the Birds That I Do Know
Old Father Williams
Old Wine in New Bottles
On a Summer Evening
On the Face of it
On the Going Down of the Sun
Orchestral Technique (London, 1931) (book)
Organ Sonata - Elgar, orchestrated by Jacob
Original Suite for Military Band, An
Orlando Gibbons Suite
Ostinato for Solo Viola
Our Ancient Isle
Overture for Brass Band
Overture for Strings
Overture to Comedy
Pack Clouds Away
Partita for Solo Bassoon
Passacaglia on a Well-Known Theme (Oranges and Lemons)
Passacaglia Stereophonica
Pastorale for Piano
Penguin miniature scores (standard repertoire, ed. Jacob)
Phantasy Quartet
Phantom Procession
Piano Concerto No.1
Piano Concerto No.2
Piano Quartet
Piano Quintet
Piano Sonata
Piano Sonata - "Invictus"
Piano Trio
Pieces for Two Euphoniums and Two Tubas
Pied Piper, The
Piper at the Gates of Dawn
Pleasure It Is
Polka (for bassoon)
Polka (for Brass ensemble)
Posy for Phyllis and Cyril
Prelude and Scherzetto for oboe
Prelude and Toccata for orchestra
Prelude for Orchestra
Prelude Fugue and Scherzo
Prelude, Meditation and Fanfare
Prelude, Passacaglia and Fugue for Violin and Viola
Prelude to Comedy
Prelude to Revelry
Prelude to the Medea of Euripides
Pretty Polly Pillicote
Pride of Youth
Pro Corda Suite
Proud Maisie
Psalm 23
Psalm 103
Pull Away Home
Quartet for Clarinets
Quartet for Flute and Strings
Quartet for Oboe and Strings
Quartet for Piano and Strings
Queen is Crowned, A
Queen Mab
Radetsky March
RAF Maintenance Command (film)
Raggle Taggle Gypsies
Red Hanrahan's Song about Ireland
Red Riding Hood
Red Shoes, The (Film Orchestration)
Redbridge Variations
Rhapsody for Cor Anglais and Strings
Rhapsody for E flat Saxophone and Strings
Rhapsody for English Horn and Strings
Rhapsody for Three Hands and Brass
Riverside Characters
Robot's March
Rondino for Cello
Rule Britannia
Rumba and Tarantella
Russian Interlude
Sad Story
Salute to USA
Sarabande for harmonica and strings
Saraband for Organ
Sarabande for String Quartet
Sarabande on a Ground
Sarie Marais
Saxophone Duo
Saxophone Quartet No.1
Saxophone Quartet No.2
Scherzetto for Clarinet
Scherzetto for Oboe
Scherzetto for Piano
Scherzetto, Pavane and Gopak
Scherzo for Brass
Scherzo for Solo Viola
Scherzo for Two Trumpets, Horn and Trombone
Scottish Tunes
Sea-Song Suite
Semper Paratus
Serenade for Tenor (opus 4)
Serenade for a Donkey
Serenade for Eight Woodwind
Serenade for Solo Cello
Serenade for Woodwind
Serenade for Woodwind No.2
Seven Bagatelles for Solo Oboe
Shakespeare: All's Well that Ends Well, Twelfth Night
Shepherd, The as part of Songs of Innocence, as part of Ruralia, for orchestra
Siciliano for Clarinet
Siciliano for Oboe
Simple Serenade
Sinfonia Brevis
Sinfonietta No.1
Sinfonietta No.2
Sinfonietta No.3
Sing a Song of Joy (Festival Anthem)
Sir Godfrey Knellers March
Sister Awake
Six Little Tuba Pieces
Six Miniatures for Flute, Oboe, Harpsichord and Harp
Six Shakespearian Sketches
Six Short Pieces for Children
Six Songs About Beasts
Sleep Secure
So Early in the Morning
Sonata for Harmonica
Sonata for Oboe and Piano
Sonata for Piano
Sonata for Treble Recorder
Sonata in F Min
Sonatina for Oboe and Harpsichord
Sonatina for Piano or Harpsichord
Sonatina for Treble Recorder and Harpsichord
Sonatina for Two Violas
Sonatina for Two Violins
Sonatina for Viola or Clarinet
Sonatina for Violin
Song for Soprano and Wind Quintet
Song for the Spinning Wheel
Song in the Night
Song of an Exile
Song of Spring, A
Song on May Morning
Songs for Voice and Clarinet
Songs of Day and Night
Songs of Innocence (W. Blake)
Songs of Spring
Sospan Fach (Little Saucepan)
Spacious Firmament on High, The
Spring (Bird Pieces)
Spring (words by Rupert Brooke)
Spring (words by T Nash)
Spring Goeth All In White
Spring the Sweet Spring
St Joan
String Quartet in B Minor
String Quartet No.1 in C
String Quartet No.2 in D Minor
Suite for Bassoon and String Quartet
Suite for Eight Violas
Suite for Four Pipers
Suite for Four Trombones
Suite for Harmonica and Piano
Suite for Military Band
Suite for the Virginal
Suite for Alto Recorder and Strings
Suite for Treble Recorder
Suite for Tuba and Strings
Suite for Wind Quintet
Suite in B Flat for Brass
Suite No.1 in Eb (Holst, arr. Jacob)
Suite No.1 in F
Suite No.2 in F
Suite No.2 for Brass Band
Suite No.3
Suite No.4
Suite of Movements
Summer Morning
Swan Pool
Swansea Town
Swedish Rhapsody, A
Sweet Nightingale
Sylphides, Les (ballet)
Symphonia Brevis
Symphonic Study: Line of Life
Symphonic Suite No.2
Symphony AD 78
Symphony for Band
Symphony for Small Orchestra
Symphony for String Orchestra
Symphony No.1
Symphony No.2
Tattenham Corner
Te Deum Laudamus
Television title music
Ten Little Pieces for Ten Little Fingers
Ten Little Studies for Oboe
Tenebris Interlucentem
Terzetto (String Trio)
Three Bagatelles for piano duet
Three Hand Piano Concerto
Three Inventions for Flute and Oboe
Three Little Pieces for oboe and bassoon
Three Moods
Three Pieces for Flute, Trumpet, Side-Drum and Piano
Three Pieces for Piano
Three Pieces for Piano (2)
Three Pieces for Solo Viola
Three Pieces for Three Trombones
Three Ravens, The for wind ensemble, for voices
Three Short Pieces for Clarinet Quartet
Three Songs for Soprano and Clarinet
Three Unaccompanied Negro Spirituals
Three Young Rats
Timpani Concerto
To An Isle in the Water
To Daisies
To Musique To Becalme His Fever
To My Humble Supplication
Tom Bowling
Tony O!
Toto's Waltz
Tres Douce
Tribute to Canterbury
Trio for Flute, Oboe, Harpsichord/Piano
Trio for Oboe, Clarinet and Bassoon
Trio for Violin, Cello and Piano (1917)
Trio for Violin, Cello and Piano (1956)
Trio in C Minor
Trio: Clarinet, Viola, Piano
Trombone Concertino
Trombone Concerto
Trombone Octet
Trombone Sonata
Trotting Tune
Trumpet Voluntary
Tu-Whit To-Who
Tuba Suite
Twelfth Night
Twelve Country Dance Tunes
Two Choral Preludes
Two Cities (Film music)
Two Madrigals for Trombone Choir
Two Miniatures
Two Night Pieces for Orchestra
Two Pieces for Two Oboes and Cor Anglais
Two Sketches for String Orchestra
Two Songs from the Child's Garden of Verse
Two Sparrows
Uncle Remus
Under The Greenwood Tree
Valse Ingenue
Variations for Brass Band, arranged for orchestra (Vaughan Williams arr. Jacob)
Variations for Orchestra
Variations for Solo Viola
Variations for Treble Recorder and Harpsichord
Variations of the Bell Theme for Organ
Variations on a Dorian Theme for Alto Saxophone and Piano
Variations on a Pastoral Theme
Variations on a Theme of Schubert
Variations on an Air by Purcell
Variations on an Original Theme
Variations on Annie Laurie
Victorian Rhapsody
Victory Week - Grand Goodnight for Orchestra
Village Dance for Violin and Piano
Villikins and his Dinah
Viola Concerto No.1
Viola Concerto No.2
Viola Octet
Viola Sonata No.1
Viola Sonata No.2
Violin and Cello Concerto
Violin Concerto
Violin Fantasy
Violin Sonata No.1 in E Minor
Violin Sonata No.2
Violin Sonatina
Walking Tune
Waltz for Piano Duet arranged for orchestra (Brahms, arranged by Jacob)
Waltzing Matilda
Wandering Spectre
Water Rat
Weel May the Keel Row
What Shall We Do With the Drunken Sailor?
What's in There?
When Autumn Comes
When Cats Run Home
When Johnny Comes Marching Home
Why Do the Roses Fade?
Widdecombe Fair
Widow Bird
William Byrd Suite
Wind in the Reeds
Wind Quartet No.2
Wind Quintet No.1
Wind Quintet No.2
Wind Sextet
Winter Rain
Wish, A
With Jockey to the Fair
Wraggle Taggle Gypsies: for wind, for orchestra
York Symphony (for Brass)
Zadok the Priest (Orchestration)
Zigeuner Lieder (Gypsy Songs)

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