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Gordon Jacob's parents, Stephen and Clara (née Forlong)

Star of India, awarded to Stephen Jacob for his services in the Indian Civil Service, with letter to his widow, Clara

Poems by Clara and Stephen Jacob.
The two main poems are the result of an agreement between Clara and Stephen to write separate poems based on the same short quotation.

Jacob's childhood home in Upper Norwood, London

Gordon and Anstey, closest and youngest brother, as toddlers

Gordon Jacob as a boy

Gordon and Anstey in a boat

With Anstey and their mother at the seaside; Gordon is holding the dog

The three sisters

Anstey Jacob

Gordon Jacob in army uniform

Gordon Jacob in uniform

Off to war

Programme card for Farewell Dinner for 18th and 19th Royal Fusiliers, September 1916

Programme card for Farewell Dinner for 18th and 19th Royal Fusiliers, September 1916 (reverse)

Prisoner-of-War camp Bad Colberg from a distance

Bad Colberg, near view

The Gaspers concert programme from prisoner of war camp, November 1917

Group photo from Bad Colberg

The 'orchestra' at Bad Colberg - conductor Gordon Jacob

Gordon Jacob with friends at Bad Colberg Prisoner of War camp

Red Cross postcard

Red Cross postcard (back)

The Phollies concert and party in Bad Colberg, Jacob at piano

Bad Colberg menu

Bad Colberg menu

Strohen menu

Strohen menu

Strohen menu signatures

Newspaper cutting about a fulfilled prophecy

Gordon Jacob on tour with the Morality Players

Gordon and Sidney Jacob on their wedding day

With friends at their wedding

Gordon Jacob with siblings and his wife Sidney

Gordon Jacob rolling the lawn

with Sidney in their garden

Jacob in court dress with sabre, for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II

With bassoonist Archie Camden and his wife at Gull Rock Café

Gordon and Margaret Jacob's wedding

Gordon and Margaret Jacob cutting their wedding cake

Jacob pushing baby's pram

Feeding the baby

With daughter Ruth (age 1)

With family in garden

Jacob and family

Jacob pushing daughter in swing

Playing cricket in garden with children

Gordon Jacob at the seaside

Jacob conducting in a church

Jacob conducting nuns in Southampton

Notice for Gordon Jacob's 70th birthday concert

Jacob in his drawing room

Gordon Jacob (left centre, seated), Gerald Hoffnung (right, seated) and friends with serpents, hecklephones and hurdy-gurdy

Jacob in his garden with visitors

Jacob signing autographs at the Royal Military School of Music, Kneller Hall

Jacob with the violist John White

Jacob and family with Geoffrey Ogram's daughters

Jacob in his study

Jacob with his daughter-in-law, Annette

National Youth Orchestra performing for Gordon Jacob's 80th birthday

Jacob at his desk

Gordon Jacob laughing

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