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Quotation on which both poems were based:
They that sow in tears shall reap in joy. He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him. (Psalm 126:5-6)

They that sow in tears shall reap in joy
Stephen Jacob, 1875

Oh weary Christian toiling on in sorrow
    Faint not nor fear
    Whate'er thy grief
    Christ gives relief
    Be of good cheer
Look forward, for thou'l't have a bright tomorrow

What is it makes thee weep and mourn so sadly?
    Why so cast down?
    The world may frown
    Christ standeth near
    He'll dry thy tear
And bring thee forth in triumph smiling gladly

The sower sows his seed with toil and trouble
    And e'er he reaps
    The golden grain
    He often weeps
    But then again
For all his toil and care his joy is double

Joseph in prison lay in sorrow bending
    Ere he could gain
    The signet ring
    Of Egypt's king
    The golden chain
And ride triumphant, grateful hosts attending

Jesus once served on earth but now before him
    In homage low
    The angels bow
    He once was slain
    But now doth reign
In heaven while saints unceasingly adore him

So thou shalt have thy joyous day of reaping
    The harvest home
    Will then be come
    And that bright day
    Shall wipe away
The memory of all thy bitter weeping

They that sow in tears shall reap in joy
Clara Jacob (née Forlong) 1875

Sow ye the precious seed of life
Though all around oppose
God who the seed to thee has given
Can conquer all thy foes

Sow ye the seed, be not dismayed
Now is the time to sow
To scatter fast the precious seed
Short is the time below

Sow ye the seed although the ground
A barren waste may lie
The precious seed is God's own care
He will not let it die

Sow ye the seed although earth's tares
Are round thee everywhere
Thou knowest not, the little seed
May spring and grow e'en there

Sow ye the seed although the heart
Stony and hard may prove
Maybe the stony heart may yield
With faithful words of love

Sow ye the seed, although with grief
The heart is bowed low
Go tell of him who grief and pain
Bore for us here below

Sow ye the seed, the reaping time
Is quickly drawing near
When all the sheaves we'll see above
That we have gathered here

'Tis then our life of toil and care
Our sowing time will cease
And on our loving Saviour's breast
We'll find eternal peace

Thou art with me
Stephen Jacob, 30.5.75

I once, my Lord, was gayest of the gay,
And everything that heart could wish I had
But e'en with wealth
And health
I oft was sad
For thou wast far away.

How oft upon a sleepless bed I lie,
My body's weary but I think of thee,
And even night
Seems bright
For thou art with me
And thy help is nigh

And oft with sickness worn, I toss from side to side
Upon my weary bed
But even pain
Seems gain
Since thou hast said
I will with thee abide.

And when at length in vain with death I've striven
And my last hour is come
I'll have no fear
For here
I'll close my eyes
And waking rise
To join thee in thy home, in heaven.

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